HERMES Private University

logo_icon Reasons and Ambitions


Our Association is a founding member of the Research Institute of the Maximum Scientific Excellence in acronym HERMES, whose name also extends to the English version “Higher Education Research for Mobile Excellence Society.

– Our awareness is that Europe needs to base its roots on a common culture, the transversal value that unites men rather than dividing them.

– The university and the institutions that produce knowledge are direct generators of both culture and economic growth.

– We aspire to organize a private university: with unconventional characteristics, based on scientific research and the quality of teaching, which is not in competition with Italian universities, but is the place where researchers-students meet the academic world and companies.

– Hermes Private People University ETS is an educational innovation, a community of people, represented by entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, researchers-students, who seek solutions to emerging problems and fall in love with fundamental science, because they are keen to make the world a better place.

logo_icon Innovation


– Hermes Private University was founded as a model of entrepreneurial university, whose mission is the social and economic development of the country. Academic entrepreneurship is represented by scientific research, which thus becomes an inseparable component of the teaching process.

– The entrepreneurial university interacts closely with industry and the public actor – it is not an “ivory tower” isolated from society.

– The entrepreneurial university is a relatively independent institution – it does not represent an emanation that depends on other institutional spheres.

– Research and teaching activities are aimed at developing collaborations and synergies between the world of education and the world of work, fostering cultural uplifting and the entry of the business world into educational choices and scientific research. This is in response to the emerging social, economic and educational needs linked to high education.


logo_icon Companies

  • Who Are They?

These are Italian and European companies and business organizations, including public ones, that focus on scientific research as an innovation of their business.

  • Support the financing of Hermes Private University.
  • Provide indications on their research interests to the Qualifying Departments.
  • They finance single scientific research through a project, a degree course, a Ph.D, a first or second level master’s degree.
  • Become owner of the research performed.The contract between the Farsighted Company and Hermes Private University establishes the autonomy of academic research.